Planning a bathroom for the over 50’s


Are you planning a dream bathroom for now, but also looking to maximise your independence at home in the future?


Here’s some great tips to help your planning


 1.     Plan a bathroom that can adapt to suit future needs.

Right now you might be thinking of grab rails and a just little extra support,

but you can keep your options open to maximise your mobility, safety

and independence in the future.


We know the building tricks behind the scenes, how to set up your bathroom

 structure now, so in the future, when you want, things like rails and

supports can be installed exactly where they will work best for you.



2.     One great tip is to install a grab rail as the towel rail now.

It will be reinforced, so it will take a person’s weight, and it is discreet,

narrow fashion designs are available. We all do it - if you’re feeling

a bit off balance the towel rail is what you reach for because it’s a

good height to grab. It’s just that usually it’s not designed to support your weight.


 3.     We offer “Universal Design” fittings (such as taps) in our project plans.


These designs for taps, shower mixers, etc offer the best in efficient, easy “on/off” grip. Ask your supplier to show you the range of universal design items. They’re used in many high fashion projects-you’ll be surprised how good they look.


 4.     You can have your high fashion gloss tiles-just keep them to the walls, and have the same tile with the more slip resistant tile surfaces on the floor. This mix creates the popular look of the moment.


There are a few different levels of slip resistance available in tiles for your floor. And, if slip prevention is a top priority, we can help you locate and select the “ultra slip resistant” finish tiles used in hospitals. They are available in neutral colours that blend well.


 5.     Save money in the future: install a lipless shower frame now. A little extra investment now for this popular shower screen used in many luxury bathrooms means you have the benefit of a fully accessible shower space in the future. Custom made screens are good value for money, and offer you great design flexibility with your layout.