Eight Bathrooms for one family. That says it all, really...

Rochedale, Brisbane


“First we built Leona’s bathroom, then they moved to Carindale, we built a main bathroom and ensuite there. Then there was 2 bathrooms for her sister at Carindale; then her husband recommended us to his brother at Carindale and we did 2 bathrooms for them. Then it was a new bathroom renovation for her cousin at Rochedale. That makes a total of 8 bathroom renovations. That says it all really…”


Chris Jarvis


AFTER Rochedale, Brisbane



Our family of 4 stayed home throughout the build -

a new ensuite, main bathroom and a new laundry.

Wishart, Brisbane



"Nothing was a trouble for Chris and the boys. And we really appreciated the site cleanup every day.


Our big ensuite is our luxury space I’ve been planning for ages. I had some very specific ideas I wanted to include and his advice really helped. We got a few other quotes from people who didn’t seem to listen.


We saw Chris’ display at Mt Gravatt and took it from there."




After Ensuite, Wishart



Algester, Brisbane

“We’re retired and getting a good quality job that would last was important to us. Our daughter saw the display first, and when we saw it and the awards we felt happy to use him. We’re very happy with the quote, the job and the workmanship.”





I knew a new bathroom would be good - but this is

way beyond that.

Keperra, Brisbane


“I can’t believe this was an original 1960’s bathroom only 2.1m x 2.4m. I struggled to work out on a paper plan how to get rid of the linen cabinet, have the big shower I wanted, and still have a bath – but Chris found a way. I got Chris to make me a new laundry as well.


Plus-my ex-husband is a builder, and watching these guys work - they really are master tilers.”