What's Involved



for a

Bathroom Reno

Let's get ready.

Some PRACTICAL TIPS to help you prepare for your reno


1. Collate your ideas and get together a "look  and feel" for your new bathroom


 2. Home visit by Chris Jarvis to measure up and

  • discuss your ideas
  • look at options to achieve your dream
  • timelines
  • details
  • prepare a quote

Will I stay or will I go?

Will you move out for the short demolition part of the build, or longer?

Or will the family stay and work around us?

It's up to you, but remember this is a major build in the middle of your house, with up to 7 trades at work.

We are happy to accommodate your needs.


3. Draft layouts and options considered/adjusted/confirmed

What do we do for a bathroom and toilet?

Yes, for most of the time you will have no toilet and no bathroom.

  • Do you have a neighbour with a granny flat bathroom you can use?
  • Did you know you can hire a portable toilet, or even a full bathroom? Like a small caravan-it just sits in the backyard and is fully self contained.

One family were keen campers, and they simply set up their bush shower and bought a portable toilet from a camping store, and setup a "camp site" in the backyard.


4. Getting the details of the quote right.

  • You decide on the standard of 5 star rated fittings and fixtures, and the details to get the look you want

Get your house ready for the build.


Plan a space outside for the team to work.

Remember - with Chris Jarvis we stay onsite until we are finished.


5. Is there something special you want?

  • Custom made items can be made or sourced from our contacts with specialist cabinetmakers, marble experts and other trades.

Prepare the inside of the house


Think about the path from the entrance to the bathroom. There will be a lot of trips in and out by a few people.

Move your pot plants away. Inside the house, move  precious furniture items to avoid it being bumped.


Too heavy to move? Just ask- we'll do it on Day One.




6. Construction start date pencilled in

Fine dust does travel, so think about what you need to do to protect bedrooms, curtains, soft furnishings, and the other rooms in your house.


7. You go shopping.

  • Choose your items from any of our large range of Brisbane's best informed, recommended retailers.
  • A product budget is included in your quote

About your floor on the access route...


We do put down a protective layer, but be prepared for some heavy traffic.


8. Product delivery dates scheduled and coordinated by CJB

Get ready for the deliveries


Prepare a secure storage area for your items as they are delivered- boxes of tiles, new bath, vanity, etc.


Many people allocate a rumpus room or spare bedroom, or garage - somewhere with easy access to the work site.

Yes-we are happy to help clear the space.


9. For a custom made shower screen, you choose from the list of recommended suppliers provided.

  • to ensure the best possible fit, the shower screen is the last thing to go in once Chris Jarvis has completed your bathroom.
  • The supplier of your choice will seamlessly work with you directly to provide exactly what you want. The supplier you choose then manages the measure, installation and warranty.

Do you have more than one bathroom to renovate?

Is it time to update the laundry as well?


There are lots of efficiencies working on 2 or more bathrooms and other wet areas at the same time.


And we can look at keeping access to one available for you as we work through the project.


10. When the job starts:

  • Demolition is the first part.
  • All material is removed off site quickly.



11. Bathroom Layout Review-it's time for fine tuning

  • When the room is empty you can stand in the space and review the layout plan and make any adjustments to your plan.

12. Construction phase/completion

  • When the Chris Jarvis team has completed the full bathroom construction, the custom shower screen is the last item.


  • 100% complete
  •  inspection for Compliance Certification.

       Certificates issued for your warranties.